QR Menu is an advanced, sanitary, and practical online contactless menu system that transforms the menus of restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars, tea gardens, and other similar businesses to digital media and makes them available online utilizing QR code technology.

QR MENU With the Covid-19 virus on the table, the world's attention has been drawn to the pandemic phase. From the standpoint of Turkey, after the normalization steps taken on June 1, the states implemented a set of measures in the human health sectors. The service sector, which is undoubtedly one of the most crucial for us, began operations on June 1st, incorporating these steps. With the elimination of conventional menus, diners in restaurants and cafés were introduced to a new menu format. What exactly are these next generation menus? Now, let's take a look at the information of QR code menus together.

What is a QR Menu (Square Code Menu)?

QR code menus, which are becoming more common as the pandemic period continues, are an excellent example of QR code usage. Restaurants, cafés, canteens, and other food and beverage businesses use QR codes to display their menus on their tables. These QR codes are often square and black and white, as the name implies. QR codes, which are very important in this day and times when we need to limit our interaction with the environment to a minimum, end the hand to hand circulation of the menu and provide you a sanitary system.

Furthermore, traditional menus deform with time owing to repeated usage, but QR code menus greet you with the vibrancy of the first day in the digital environment. In reality, businesses avoid mediocrity by providing menu alternatives with varying styles that do not incur any printing expenditures. Furthermore, QR code menus include a social responsibility element. While it is hard for visually impaired people to read traditional menus without the assistance of another person, visually impaired people may easily examine their own menus with the use of a phone thanks to QR code menus.

How to Use QR Menu?

QR code menus are extremely easy to use. Many latest generation cellphones have their own QR code reading apps. If such an app is not present on your phone, you must download a "QR Code Reader" app from Google Play, the App Store, or the Microsoft Store in order to utilize QR code menus. When you open the program and scan the QR code on your desk, you will view the business's menu. You may then go over the menu and place your order in this way. Bon Appetite.

How is QR Menu Created?

There are several techniques for creating a QR Menu. First and foremost, you may create your own QR Menu if you so choose. In order to do this, first and foremost, you must create your own menu in the digital world. You may create a menu using several design tools, or you can hire a printing business or a design company to do it for you. After we've prepared our menu, all that's left is to convert it into a QR code using one of the many QR code generators available on the internet. A second way is that there are now businesses that offer professional services using QR code menus.