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    What is Qrmenue

  • Qr menü nasıl Oluşturabilirim?
    Qrmenue paket satın aldıktan sonra, size iletilen firma giriş bilgileriniz ile firma yönetim panelinize giriş yapınız. Giriş yaptıktan sonra yönetim panelinizde sol menüde yer alan Yiyecek/İçecek yönetimi seçeneğinden menü kategorileri ve ürünlerinizi ekleyerek menünüzü oluşturabilirsiniz.
    Dijital menü paketlerin de bir adet qr kod oluşur, bu qr kod sizin menünüze aittir.
    Otomasyon sistemlerin de hem dijital menü qr kodu hem de masaya özel qr kod oluşmaktadır.
  • What is the New Generation Digital QR Menu?
    Qr Menu is a one-of-a-kind software solution that incorporates cutting-edge technologies. This method, which has grown increasingly important and necessary throughout the COVID-19 period, is a quick, practical, and professional system in which restaurants, cafés, hotels, pubs, and other businesses give their menus in a contactless manner while consumers may order. Qrmenue has always ranked top in terms of customer satisfaction, with a score of 100%.
  • How do I buy Qrmenu?
    To buy the Qrmenu automation system, you must first choose a package and make an application. Please fill out the application form using your genuine details; else, your application will be denied. After your application is accepted, you may purchase your package and begin utilizing your service by logging in to the panel using the business information provided to you or the payment method provided by the accounting department. You can seek pre-sales support via the contact page for additional details.

    Creating a Menu

  • Ürünlerimi nasıl ekleyebilirim?
    Firma panelinize giriş yapınız, sol menü'de yer alan Yemek/içecek yönetimi seçeneğinden ürün yönetimi seçiniz.
    Açılan sayfada ürün bilgilerinizi giriniz. Zorunlu alanlar: Ürün adı, kategori ve ürün fiyatıdır.
    (ürün fiyatı tab sekmede yer almaktadır ve fiyat seçenekleri arasında Fiyat* sorunlu alandır.)

  • Ordering System with QR Code
    It is now possible to order using a Qr Code that has been developed particularly for your business. When your customers visit your business, they may use the Qr Code on the tables to connect to your table and view your menu without wasting time. You may place an order and add a note to it. Checks can be requested by calling the waiter. It may provide immediate service to your clients using compatible Android and iOS smartphones that we have specially developed for your employees.
  • Unlimited Number of Language Options
    With Qr Menue, you may professionally give excellent service to individuals from all over the world. Even if your customers speak various languages, they may use a specific Qr Code to make orders, contact the waiter, and request checks. Therefore, there will be no communication issues between your team and your customers. With an endless number of language possibilities, you can communicate with your customers in real time. Numerous language possibilities help not only your customers, but also your employees who speak different languages.